Thursday, April 12, 2007

Egg Hunt

Katie was a pro at finding eggs on Sunday! I was sure she would need some help, but after her trail run earlier in the week, she knew exactly what to do. I got a bit carried away with the whole egg thing--between hard-boiled eggs and plastic ones, there were about 50 eggs for her to find. Needless to say, Aaron and I wound up collecting about half of them ourselves.

Paul and Katie both looked adorable in their new outfits that Grandma Connie got for them. She ensures that I have the best-dressed kids in Albuquerque. Paul was especially cute in his white and brown Hawaiian outfit. We took about 30 pictures of him in that, so there will be a page coming soon.

This was a lift of Sandra S from the Sweet Shoppe. I loved her layout, so I just adapted the color scheme and kept everything else essentially the same. This was quite a fun page, and I used the clipping mask technique (see tutorial below) a ton!!

Credits: Papers--dots and stripe: Laura Deacetis; floral and plaid: Paula Duncan; pink: Stacey Stehley; tan: Jennifer Barrette. Ribbons and flowers: Paper Moons. Negative Strip: Pillowgirl. Paperclip: Shabby Princess. Swirls: Kate Hadfield. Grass: Christina Renee. "Special" Lettering: Andrea Victoria. Frames: Nancy Comelab