Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Go Cougars!

We attended the BYU-UNM football game on Saturday, and we had a blast. We took the kids to the tailgate party before the game. My friend's dad was organizing the tailgate party, and she was in charge of the booths. Apparently everyone canceled on her at the last minute, so I got roped into doing the face-painting booth, which was quite fun and required no artistic skills whatsoever. I just had to know how to spell "BYU" and paint 4 circles to make a paw. Once someone really threw me for a loop and wanted a cougar face. Okay....

BYU won, of course--31-24. The game actually wasn't that well played, but it was still pretty fun to watch. When we were going out to the car to leave for the game, Aaron was wearing his U of U hat and his U Engineering Days t-shirt. I told him to go back and change into something decent (meaning something blue), but he refused. He said he had to wear his U stuff out of loyalty. I guess the U does need all the support they can get. He took a lot of flak from the BYU crowd, but he did actually cheer for the right team.

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I had a picture of Aaron and me that was taken at Brian and Sarah Gardiner's wedding a few years ago. I had figured they were pretty useless, since this is what most of them looked like:

I tried to fix them, but they always turned out washed out and grainy. One of the girls on the scrapbooking forum offered to fix them for me using some Photoshop actions (one of the reasons I'm asking for Photoshop Elements for Christmas). She gave me several options to choose from:



Rock Star


I really loved the way Rock Star turned out, so here's my page that I created with it:

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I had so much fun scrapping these pictures of Katie from this summer. Connie bought her a little wading pool while she was here, and she practically lived in it all summer. I loved cropping these photos--especially the one of her ruffled tush!

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And since everyone's been coming up with their Halloween-inspired page kits, I've felt motivated to scrap our little stinker from last year:

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