Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Bear Tree Lives On

This post is to reassure Ashley that her treasured Bear Tree is alive and well. Instead of sitting in a box gathering dust, as it would have been back at home, it is set up in our family room where Katie and Paul can pull the ornaments and bears off of it to their hearts' content. Of course, they weren't interested in the bears before we put them on the tree. Perhaps it's a mysterious Christmas magic that gave them such irresistible appeal once we put them on the tree.

The following layout is a picture taken before the tree was fully decorated. I love how this photo turned out. I wanted to put this on the Christmas card paired with a darling photo of Katie and Aaron looking at the tree together. But Aaron refused to send out a Christmas card saying, "Love from the Jorgensens" when I was conspicuously absent. So I had to redesign the card and choose another picture. I do love how this page turned out, though.

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