Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Outfits

I knew as soon as I saw The Children's Place spring catalog that I had to have the polka dot dress for Katie. Apparently, so did everyone else in our ward. We arrived a little late to sacrament meeting on Sunday, and the kids of EVERY FAMILY that was in the foyer were decked out in The Children's Place. We should have had a ward photo shoot, because everyone would have coordinated. It was quite adorable.

Our photos from Sunday aren't the best. The weather was just gross, so there was no going outside. And our living room was trashed from Easter preparations, so there weren't many good places to take pictures there, either. But when you have totally adorable kids, it doesn't matter that much! Our kids were also completely exhausted, so we didn't have much time to take photos. But they're still cute.

Aaron thought Paul's outfit was too wussy-looking, but I thought he was super handsome. And when you're the one doing the shopping, you get the final say!

Katie thought she was the bee's knees in her dress. And she was.

Averi was so ready for her nap, so we had to try all sorts of crazy antics to get her to smile. But it's so worth it!

No, I'm not growing out my bangs. I just REALLY need a haircut. Unfortunately, that comes quite low on the priority list these days.


Gayle said...

BEAUTIFUL BABIES! It looks as if you had a wonderful Easter. I wish I could have been there, but since I was not, it's nice seeing the pictures.

Love you!

Jen Kesler said...

I think they're cute...the kiddos and the outfits.

The "wussy looking" comment cracked me up! It totally sounds like something Shaun would say!!