Friday, April 9, 2010

Lando’s home!

We picked up Lando this afternoon, and he's done fabulously. He's been very curious (he's a big boy, so I can tell counter surfing is going to be an issue) but not at all spooky. In fact, the only thing he spooked at was my camera strap! He's been perfect around the kids, with no tensing at all. He refuses to attempt the stairs, but we'll give him a while to get used to his new surroundings before we push that. He's such a love. In fact, my only complaint is that every time I tried to get a shot of his full face, he came walking over wanting to be pet. So I guess those face pictures will have to wait a while.

To remind those non-Star Wars fanatics who Lando (Calrissian) actually is:

And here’s our Lando in all his Roman-nosed glory:





You can get a sense of how big he is from this picture.  He’s not a tiny guy!  Especially when compared to Averi!


I’ve got the training lead tied around my waist because he’s not housebroken, but we haven’t had any accidents yet.  He’s been very good about going outside.

We have a mirrored table lamp in our living room, and he came across it while he was exploring. He saw the handsomest brindle boy in it and had to shower him with kisses. I now have to clean all the dog slobber off my lamp, but it was worth it to see him so in love with his reflection. Perhaps we should have called him Narcissus!

We also went on a walk/jog, and he was great on the lead. It was obvious that he needs more exercise though; he was worn out long before I was ready to be done! We'll work up to that, though. Overall, he's perfect!


Jen Kesler said...

I hope Lando continues to do well. He is HUGE and very handsome!!!

Your Easter pics are super cute!!!!

Stef said...

Beautiful dog!! And glad that he is doing so well with your kids. That could be such a deal breaker!! Good Luck!!

Ashley said...

Chelsey, he's gorgeous! I want to meet him as soon as possible!