Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some things I’m loving right now

Peonies. If this flower were a dress, it would be by Carolina Herrera. Classic, feminine, and gorgeous.

Grace Kelly. If I could come back to life as a different person, I think it would be her. We watched Rear Window last night, and I think I spent more time drooling over her dresses than I did watching the movie.

Ginger Mentha Body Lotion. Aaron got me this for Christmas, and I melt away every time I put it on. I’m a firm believer that every girl should own a lotion she truly LOVES. It makes everything so much nicer.

Basil. Is there another herb that smells and tastes so delicious? I just planted four plants in our garden (my seeds never sprouted when our sprinkler system died for a few weeks), and I rub them every time I walk past. I can’t wait to do a grilled margherita pizza this summer with fresh basil and tomatoes!

Front porches with swings. Oh, and front porches overlooking the sea are particularly charming.

Hoop earrings. They can make you look pulled together in any outfit, especially when paired with oversized sunglasses. No makeup needed! I’m in mourning since BOTH of my pairs are now broken. Guess who’s going shopping!

Albuquerque Botanical Gardens. We go to the Aquarium for the kids, the Botanical Gardens for Mom. I could spend hours looking at the different plantings. If you go right now and look at the garden in front of the farmhouse, that’s how I want my front yard to look. Drifts of penstemons and California poppies, half barrel container plantings, informal paths…I came back with so many ideas!


This girl. She’s going through a stinkin’ adorable phase right now. She’s starting to speak quite a lot, and she has the best nature. I just love being around her and don’t want her to grow any older!


Stef said...

I loved this post! I am gonna try some of that lotion... A girl has to have SOMETHING to make her feel good....I just haven't found mine yet.
I love having Avery in my class at church. She really is a jewel and is getting more and more comfortable every week!

Julie J said...

ohhh! Averi looks so big! And soooo adorable in that suit! I wish I could give her a squeeze.

Julie J said...

Ohhh!!! Averi looks so big! And so adorable in that suit! I wish I could give her a squeeze.