Thursday, December 9, 2010

Betcha Didn’t Know…

I know that I said I was going to be catching up on what we’ve been doing lately (because I’m sure our lives are SO fascinating to the outside world), but I was cleaning the kitchen and thinking about how great my husband was, and I had an idea.  Aaron’s fairly quiet in a crowd, and he’s definitely not one to blow his own horn (that’s why he married me), so I thought I’d share a few interesting tidbits about my honey.

1.  Aaron is a music fiend.  Most people like music, but he LOVES music.  And two of his favorite genres are classic rock and jazz.  He’s seen both Herbie Hancock and Aerosmith in concert.  And don’t tell anyone else, but he even likes the Dixie Chicks, which makes me very happy.

2.  Not only does he like music, but he’s very musical.  He plays the piano and the bass guitar and sings wonderfully. 

3.  He served in Lithuania (part of Eastern Europe; one of the Baltic states) on his mission and speaks fluent Lithuanian.  It’s extremely useful.  Because, you know, Albuquerque has such a high percentage of Lithuanian speakers.  He also remembers a lot of high school German.  Who actually remembers the language they took in high school?

4.  He’s a quick thinker.  He wins most of the time when we play Boggle, but I nearly always beat him in Scrabble.

5.  His scriptures are PRISTINE.  Not that he doesn’t read them, but he is meticulous about how he handles them.  At least, they were pristine until he left them on the roof of the car and they flew off on the drive home from church.  I’m afraid I felt a little bit of vindication then.  HA!  There!  Now your scriptures look only a third as worn as mine, instead of out of the box new.

6.  He still wears a pajama shirt he got in sixth grade.  Yes, Connie, the Starlab shirt is alive and well.

7.  He makes me so mad sometimes because he’s good at everything.  But he can’t play basketball.  Imperfections are endearing.

8.  He has a dome toe.  I don’t know how to describe it.  Suffice it to say that if I needed to identify his body, the toe would be the indicator.  It’s that odd.

9.  He has a great mutant power.  He can fix nearly anything by taking apart and putting it back together without changing or repairing a single thing.  It’s happened so many times it’s freaky.  But very cost-effective.  (Side note: We all have mutant powers.  Mine is being able to guess the time very accurately.  Not telekinesis, but it’s something.)

10.  A few years ago he began weightlifting, and he loves it.  Our garage is slowly becoming a mini gym.  He’s got a power rack, tons of weights, gymnastics rings…and yet his spatial visualization is so good that we can still park both cars.  And we only have a 2.5 car garage.

So there you go.  Ten interesting facts about my husband.  I think he’s pretty great!  Love you, Aaron!


JorgenMan said...

You think you know so much about me? That shirt is from SEVENTH grade, not sixth! HA!

Oh, and I love you.