Saturday, January 29, 2011

Confession Time

I have a confession to make…

I feel like a total failure.

I finally made the decision that things just weren’t working out with Lando, and I’m working with greyhound adoption group to find a new home for him.

I’m abandoning my dog.

Am I a terrible person?

Every time you watch one of those animal trainer shows, you hear about how pets aren’t disposable and how you can’t just give them away because you don’t live in an ideal situation.

So now I’m one of those jerks with disposable pets.

But really…I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would.

Does that make me a worse person?

I do have MANY good reasons why we’re rehoming him.

But mostly it’s because he’s dead bored.  He needs another dog.

And my dear, sweet husband would probably shoot me if I brought home another dog.  Or maybe he would shoot the dogs.  Either way—bad situation.

Lando doesn’t play with people.

At all.


He won’t even play with toys if people are watching him.

He needs a dog friend.

I just talked to the lady that will probably be his foster mom, and he will have LOTS of dog friends.

So really it’s better for everyone.

And it’s not like I gave away one of my children.

And really, I won’t mind not having to pick up poop.

Or watering my yard every time he pees.

Or the 2 am wake-up calls.

Or the broken plates.

Or being unable to use a crock pot because then it’s Lando’s dinner.

Or the paint-peeling gas.

Or the “Sorry I just spent your college fund, kids” vet bills.

And let’s face it, dog beds just don’t “go” with my decor.

So maybe I am a jerk.

But really, deep down inside, I’m sad.  Because I really wanted a dog.  And maybe this just means I’m not dog material. Or maybe he just wasn’t for us.  Who knows?

Have fun, Lando.  I’ll miss you.



Tim and Sara said...

Ohhhh...I am sad too. You're definitely not a jerk or a bad person, though! He is always welcome to come over and play with Dirk until he goes to his new home! I have gone through the "wanting to get rid of the dog" thoughts so many times. I am sad though, Dirk and Lando played so nicely! Honestly, if I were as busy as you I don't think a dog would be for me either. Hugs to you and Lando!

Stef said...

You are so not a jerk. You just know your limits. Though, I would say don't give up on dogs all together. Labs are awesome. They are playing with kids...but they also chill out too.
You gotta do what you gotta do. I am so not telling Brian, though. He would jump right on it.
One dog at a time...that' all we can handle.

Haute Deb Designs said...

That's so sad! But, you are not a bad person. Sometimes things just don't work out with a dog, and it'll probably make your life a lot easier :)