Friday, September 30, 2011

Santa Fe Renaissance Fair 2011

Here are the pictures from this years renaissance fair. Locals, I highly recommend you go. It’s a fun way to spend a Saturday.


Note the very authentic shoes.




Fighting the knights. This was definitely the kid favorite this year. Paul got way into it and started taking down everyone else’s knights as well.


Reminds me of Monty Python.


This had to be one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Averi’s “sword” was as long as she is, and the hits she gave were the cutest teeny taps. The whole crowd was smitten by our fair lady.



Katie is her father’s daughter. Check out that tongue! (Aaron pointed out that this could be taken wrong. It is not meant to imply anything indecent. Aaron simply has a very funny habit of sticking his tongue out in the weirdest ways when he's concentrating. That's all.)


Stud muffin Paul.

The crowd was much bigger at the fair this year, which made it even more fun. I love having a chance to tap into my inner geek (not like I don’t just about every day, but this was even geekier than usual).


Ashley said...

I want to go! I'm going to come down next year and come with you (because I'll have graduated by this time next yea)!

Adam said...

ok these pictures are AWESOME!!! I so wish I had been there. Boo next year. Did you put the copyright on there so your pics don't get stolen?

Adam and Julie said...

That was from me Julie :)