Friday, January 20, 2012

Making gingerbread houses

Gingerbread house making has become a tradition around here.  Over the years our creations have ranged from the ridiculously complex Martha Stewart gingerbread cake that took (no kidding) three days, 33 eggs, and 16 sticks of butter…

Not Martha


to the fairly simple yet adorable…



This year’s concoction was a nice in-between.  It was plenty big enough for all the kids to decorate, yet still easy to assemble.  Note to self for next year: caramelized sugar works GREAT to hold the pieces together.  No waiting for frosting to dry, and it was rock solid when hard.


The girls had been playing with their makeup earlier, which is why they have the war paint on.




Yes, every picture I have of Averi during this event shows her stuffing her mouth.



The Reynolds said...

Could you post your gingerbread recipe? Ours turned into, well, a brick. Air must have killed the dough somehow. Thanks!