Monday, November 5, 2012

Still woefully behind…

I feel like when I’m writing in a journal. I never know if I should just skip the last two years of my life entirely (which is usually how long it’s been since I’ve written in a journal), or if I should madly try to catch up and mention the million important things that have happened since I last wrote. So, to share pictures from summer in November, or write about the most recent happenings?

Oh, and speaking of journals, I got this journal last year, and I’ve been better about writing regularly than I ever have been. I highly recommend it.

Since I really do want to document somewhere what happened this summer, I’m going to do a fly-by.


Our cute friends the Worthens had an Olympic Opening Ceremony party. The kids loved dressing up in their patriotic finery and playing fun Olympic Games. We enjoyed the beautiful, but slightly odd, Opening Ceremonies. This worked out well for us, since we don’t have a working television and had a lot of difficulty watching the Olympics because viewing access was so restricted. We eventually figured out a work around, but I definitely wasn’t impressed with how it was covered this year. But go Team USA! Our kids especially loved the gymnastics, swimming, and diving, and Aaron and I found out that the rowing was a lot cooler than you’d think it would be.

The middle of August found the kids and me in Utah. We drove up to celebrate my Grandma Davis’s 90th birthday. We held a surprise party and had people from all over the country show up. It was really an amazing feeling to be part of such a huge extended family. We’re so grateful for my grandma and her decision to raise her family in the Church. It truly has blessed hundreds of lives.

Our time in Utah was filled with Slip ‘N Slides…





and zoos…




and swimming…





and lots of eating…


and Parade of Homes viewing…


(Unfortunately I didn’t have a wider angle lens on my camera, so this doesn’t even come close to how big it actually was.)


and celebrating!



We had a photographer at the event, so these were the only photos I took there. But we have so many wonderful family photos that were taken. The only sad thing is that Aaron couldn’t be there. Darn work! I’m so glad that he encouraged me to go, even if it was a LONG drive by myself with the four kids. Fortunately, Ashley drove back with me and hung out for a week here in Albuquerque. I love being with my family!