Saturday, September 21, 2013

February and March 2013


Katie went through a phase earlier this year where she lost a million teeth in a four month period. Or seven. Still a lot.



Blueberry syrup makes for messy faces and arms. Also, I have no idea what’s going on with Averi’s hair in that picture.


Bridget loved dressing up in Averi’s coat.




We did Cupid’s cafe for dinner where all the items (including utensils) were in code. The kids had mixed feelings about this. It was fun, except when you didn’t get a fork to eat your salad. I think Paul was in tears by the end of the meal. However, when I ask them about it now, they say that it was awesome.


Katie got her ears pierced. I can’t even begin to explain how hysterical she was. It took Connie and I physically holding her down while two technicians pierced at the same time. I would never inflicted so much trauma had I not known how badly she wanted her ears pierced. She had been begging for years, and Aaron and I finally decided she was mature enough. Katie is not a brave soul, however, and it was terrifying when it actually came time to have it done. Hence the super puffy face from many, many tears. Once it was done, she was perfectly fine. She did an amazing job of keeping them clean and we’ve had no problems with infection. She’s such a girly girl and adores getting new earrings.




Babies bowling are the cutest.



My awesome friends Stacey and Michelle helped me tear down the hideous faux-rock fireplace that I had hated since the day we moved in. My parents had the kids for the week, and I was planning on painting the rock as an “in the meantime” solution until I figured out what to do there. When they heard about my plan, they asked why I didn’t just tear it down. Because it would be hard! And take forever! And I don’t know how! Then they said, Let’s do it now! We don’t have anything planned for this afternoon. I jumped all over that. I didn’t even call Aaron because I was afraid he’d tell me no. We went to the next door neighbor and borrowed chisels and sledgehammers and got to work. Michelle and Stacey’s little girls watched us with rapt attention (from a safe distance, of course). I think that was my favorite part. I loved that they got to see their moms doing hard things. It came off much more easily than I anticipated. In fact, the clean up was the longest part of the job.




With the bookshelves painted white.


The mostly-finished product. We still haven’t decided how we’re doing the hearth. We’re thinking a granite slab. Doesn’t even look like the same room, does it?



Albuquerque has the best sunsets ever.




Anonymous said...


You are a beautiful woman with an exciting life, beautiful children and good husband.

...tearing down the faux rock on the fireplace is awesome.

your children's quips make me LOL

I enjoy your blog--inspiring & fun
Theresa DeVargas - Canyon View Ward
p.s. I am "anonymous" because I don't have a google account

Jess & Jessica said...

Chels, the fireplace transformation was AMAZING!!! I love reading your blog and watching your cute family grow. Good job on the fireplace. :)