Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So I feel compelled to introduce you to my latest addiction: Etsy. It's an online marketplace (similar in design to Ebay) where people have storefronts where they sell handmade items. And you can find the cutest, most unique things here. Not only that, but you're supporting small business owners when you purchase from them. I'm warning people now that a lot of Christmas presents will be purchased here. Here's what I just purchased:

This is Thatone Bag by Hypernoodle. I love the fabric on this, but my favorite part is the initial. Mine, obviously, has a C.

Next purchase:

I had fallen in love with this style of wrap since it wraps over both shoulders and around your lower back, so it distributes the weight of the baby much more evenly. It's very versatile and can hold the baby in several different positions. However, it's $90 if it's purchased in the store, and not nearly as cute. I found this one at the Loveyduds store at Etsy, and she also made me a matching nursing cover (obviously it doesn't look quite like the picture below, since that doesn't match). The neckline's adjustable, and I love the fact that there's boning in the neck so you can see the baby without having a blanket over your head.

Here are some things I've put on my wishlist...

I think Katie would look so adorable in this jacket:

I LOVE this costume. It would make the most adorable Halloween costume, and you could do some gorgeous photo shoots with it:

How cool are these nerdy nursery flash cards? I would get a kick out of decorating a kids room based on these:

I think this necklace is gorgeous. I love the asymmetrical design and the clasp in the front. It reminds me of a necklace I bought for my mom: