Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Having a Minivan is Way Cooler Than You Might Think...

So we finally gave in and got a new car...er...van. The "Sport," as Matt calls it (it's technically the Dodge Intrepid Sport, but it's about as sporty as the space shuttle) just wasn't cutting it anymore. Besides the fact that we'll have kiddo #3 six weeks from today (not that I'm counting), it was unable to make it across town without dying. So after much research, we decided that a minivan was our best option. We seriously looked at the crossover SUVs (apparently they're much cooler, but we don't know a lot about being cool), but we decided they just weren't practical enough. We eventually decided on a 2007 Kia Sedona. And, as dorky as I feel saying it, I LOVE it. First of all, the price was right. And it only had 16,000 miles on it. And the seats are stow-and-go. And it runs. Very nicely.

We decided to purchase it at CarMax, and we were very pleased with them. All of their inventory from all of their locations is online, so there's not a need to visit the dealer if you don't want to. But our favorite parts about CarMax is the fact that they have no-haggle pricing and their salespeople don't get paid on commission. That sold us right there. We were originally going to get a white one that was the exact same model, year and mileage, but they sold it the day we were going to finalize. So we had a silver one shipped from Colorado Springs for only $249. I like the silver better, anyway. Now that we have our van, I feel like I've finally come into my own as a true Mormon mom. So, like any good scrapper, I did a layout about it:

Here are some other layouts that I've completed recently:


selway2005 said...

6 weeks...yay! You r so awesome, Chelsea! I can't wait for Eve to have a sibling. Minivans are so practical with kids, especially with 2 sliding doors.