Monday, February 16, 2009

Party Animals

Our friend Rachael throws the best parties of anyone I've ever met. Not only are they always amazingly decorated with delicious food, but everyone always has fun. And Friday night was no exception. Rachael and Clint hosted a couples-only Valentine's Day party, and it was a riot. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time.

Each of the guys had to make a corsage for their wives; ours won for "Most Sassy." Well deserved, Aaron. He's the artistic one in the family. Sprechen sie sassy!

Here's a sampling of the other corsages:

The highlight of the evening was definitely the Truth or Dare game. Jessica was extremely excited that we were going to play this; she suggested that "15 Minutes in Heaven" be one of the dares. Apparently the time has more than doubled since I was in middle school (not that I ever did that, Mom and Dad!!). The truth questions were done in the style of The Newlywed Game and were very fun. The crowd favorite, though, was definitely the dares. Rachael, ever the planner, had come up with some fantastic dares.

Here are the Picketts and the McMurtreys catching marshmallows:

The Rhineers reenacting their first kiss:

Jess putting lipstick on Jessica while blindfolded:

The end result:

Lorilynn and Sarah had to identify which legs were their husbands'. Poor Sarah was so embarrassed. But both of them guessed right!

Dave and Muffin performing a Valentine's cheer. Totally impressive moves, guys!

At the end of the evening, we used points we had earned from the games to bid on Valentine's-themed gifts that everyone had brought. Our gracious hostess/auctioneer:


Laura said...

Wow! What fun! Does she blog about her party ideas?

Ashley said...

You guys are cute! I wanted to see the corsage Aaron made for you...

Olya said...

Sounds like such a fun idea! I wish I could be that creative.... :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for blogging those pictures!!! I put them in my photo album so Jess and I could remember that awesome party. I am sooo glad you had your camera! You forgot to blog your awesome corsage and your unforgettable duet. :) Have a great week!

Guiselle said...

How hilarious! What a creative party! I'm going to have to adopt some of those ideas for next year!

Chad and Annie said...

Love the pics Chelsey! All your captions were hilarious, that was such a fun party!!!!

Rhineer Family said...

I can't believe you put a pic of the re-enactment of our first kiss on here. That's o.k. I don't get mad...I get even!