Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She’s 18 Months Old!

Can you believe that Averi is already 18 months old? She starts Nursery this Sunday; let’s hear a big “Hallelujah!” She’s completely adorable and we love her to death. Here are a few tidbits about her at this age:

  • She LOVES her bear, or as she calls him, “beah.” She will also sleep with her bunny from Aunt Ashley, but nothing else will do.
  • She is an ice cream fanatic. She demands a “bie” of anything that remotely resembles ice cream.
  • She is a girly girl. She loves necklaces, purses, Mommy’s shoes, and dressing up in Katie’s princess costumes.
  • She loves to sing Patty Cake. It’s what she requests when she’s upset. She lets us know by rolling her hands vigorously at us.
  • She loves “boops.” She’s frequently found lying on her stomach, flipping through a book and reading to herself.
  • She loves to take baths with her siblings. She also doesn’t necessarily wait to have her clothes taken off before she tries to jump in.
  • She’s got the locations of eyes, nose, ears, hair, tongue, and fingers down pat.
  • She’s a pro at finding Mom in hide-and-seek. She always finds me before Katie and Paul do.
  • Cows say “boo” and chicks say “chee chee.” Cheeks are also “chee chee.” Her favorite is the lion; it gives a very loud “raaaa!!”
  • She takes her shoes and socks off the moment she gets into her car seat. Hair clips follow shortly after. I think I have at least 7 socks and 2 pairs of shoes in the car at the moment.
  • She loves being outside and playing in the dirt.
  • She loves to give kisses and hugs and is extremely affectionate.
  • Her big brother and sister are her idols. She copies everything they do.

Here are a few recent pictures of Averi:
Are those lips not to die for?

After a chocolate extravaganza on Mom’s birthday.

EVERY child loves the tupperware cupboard.

The first time she ever really participated at Music Makers. This butterfly puppet is her favorite.

Blue Hitler frosting mustache.

Averi is happiest when she can have a baggie with a snack. It’s so much tastier than when it’s in a bowl.

She loves to make faces at my new mirrored lamp.

This is the face she’s usually making at the lamp.

Reading a “boop.” Look at those delicious thighs!

Our gray-eyed girl.

Being a puppy. All the kids love to crawl around pretending they’re animals. Averi likes to be one of the big kids and play too.

Behold the queen.


Jess & Jessica said...

She is such a cute girl!!