Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guernsey Family Reunion

A few weeks ago Averi and I took a girls’ weekend and went to a family reunion up in Colorado. My mom and both of her sisters were there, as well as one of her brothers (the male party crasher). I also got to spend time with some of my cousins that I hadn’t seen in quite a while (I think that the last time I saw Lisa was at my grandpa’s funeral, which was about eight years ago). But the best part of the reunion was the fact that my grandma was able to fly out from New Jersey. She’s the only living Guernsey, so it was great to have her there representing her family.

The first night we ate dinner at a super casual Italian restaurant in Thornton, Colorado.


My cousin Kelly with my mom and Averi


Lisa and my aunt Alice


My uncle Buddy, his wife Kelsey, and their grandson Ryken


What is it with kids and butter?


One-on-one time with Grandma. I decided after this trip that Averi would have done very well as an only child. She ate up the attention.


My aunt Vicki and my cousin Michelle



Lisa with Kelly’s baby, Lola (isn’t that the most adorable name?)


Grandma’s glasses were SO entertaining.

The next day we drove to a town northeast of Denver and spent the day at the house of my mom's cousin Sharon Ann and her husband Bob Huckins in Brighton, Colorado. They had an amazingly huge backyard with a classic Colorado view: mountains to the west and plains to the east. It was stunning.


Here’s the whole Davis clan (minus Kelly and her family, who had to leave early). We were the smallest family group there, but we also had the farthest to travel. Don’t you love that wraparound porch?


Averi eating lunch with my grandma.



Averi was so spoiled while we were there. Her aunt Vicki bought her this new dress (and the day before she was wearing an outfit my mom bought her), so she looked particularly cute. And someone gave her these flowers from the table centerpiece. She pranced around for hours with them.



Gorgeous Colorado scenery


Vicki, Michelle, Averi, Alice, Gayle




I’ve never seen a family so into waterfights. I can’t tell you how many broke out in the course of the afternoon. Apparently waterfights are a Guernsey family tradition. And it wasn’t the young ones that were the instigators. The guy in the red (first water picture) started nearly all of them!

I had a great time being with my mom and her family and meeting a side of her family that I’d never gotten to know. It was a great trip. Thanks, Mom, for making sure that I came! And thanks, Aaron, for holding down the fort while I was away!


Stef said...

How fun! GOsh it has been a long time since I have been to a Lee family reunion. We do the whole marshmellow fights. Good times.

Scott and Cindy said...

Chelsey!! We live so close to Thornton - next time (if there is a next time) we'll have to meet up!! Looks like you guys had a blast :)

Gayle said...

Thank you for posting these pictures. We really did have a grand time. Wish we could do this every summer. (And, by the way, the home belongs to my cousin Sharon Ann and her husband Bob Huckins of Brighton, Colorado)