Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pioneer Day Parade

Yes—I’m behind. But who cares? My dad does (he frequently reminds me that I haven’t updated my blog lately), but that’s about it. So we’re travelling back in time to July…

I love summers in Utah. I spent every summer (nearly) there growing up, and it’s nice that it hasn’t changed now that I’m older. One of the best things about summer in Utah is Pioneer Day. It is so much fun for kids! My parent’s ward did a little “parade” this year, and the kids had a blast. My mom, being the super grandma she is, bought all the girls bonnets and Paul a cowboy hat, AND she whipped up skirts for all the girls JUST AN HOUR BEFORE THE EVENT. And we wonder where I get my last-minute-impossible-to-do-it-all-but-I’m-sure-going-to-try impulses.




Paul protecting the women and children. Exercise “willing suspension of disbelief” for a moment and pretend that’s a Colt revolver.


Those pioneer women don’t mess around either.



Kiera, Ako (my parent’s foreign exchange student), Gayle (my mom), Averi, Katie, and Paul


Even Lando got into the spirit of things with his bandana.


Every last minute project has its casualty. With the skirts, it was Kiera’s. It was about 5 inches too long and HUGE around the waist. Notice how rolled up and bunched it is?


Kiera and Aaron making her bike festive.


I tried to find a picture of me at a Pioneer Day parade with my cousin when we were little, but I guess I haven’t scanned it yet. So just for kicks, here’s me in what appears to be a pioneer dress:


I’m the one on the left. Nice, huh!

ETA: I found my first ever Pioneer Day photo! I'm a milkdud, I know.


The Frosts said...

I love summer in UT too! Your kids look so cute in their pioneer getups. Yay for Grandma's! And seriously, like we need a qualifier for which one you are in that bottom pic. LOL. You look exactly alike (in a good, you look so young kind of way!)

Stef said...

Ahhh...You are so cute and it was obvious which cute girl you were. I am loving the gun picture. She reminds me of Sarah in These Is My Words. Funny!!

Ashley said...

Ha ha, ok, Heather's face in that second to last picture is hilarious! Awww...I love all of my sisters!

Jess & Jessica said...

You are so adorable!!! Cute baby picture. You must have rubbed that cuteness off on your kiddos. :)