Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Renaissance Fair

We went to the Renaissance Fair in Santa Fe last weekend.  I’ve always wanted to go, and so I dragged husband and kids along with me.  And it was everything I hoped it would be.  Except it was much hotter than I imagined.  Each of the kids had something to wear, thanks to our abundance of dress-ups, but Aaron and I, alas, did not.  Oh well.  It was held at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas, which was great setting.  There were games fields, a fairy hollow, a food court, and tons of booths filled with the things fantasy geeks dream about.  Fortunately for our bank account, window shopping is not an option when three kids are in tow.




I seriously have the cutest kids.  Everywhere we went people oohed and ahhed.


This particular fair celebrates the Spanish Renaissance, so the kids were able to meet Queen Isabel.



The brave knight slaying the dragon.



This fairy was Katie’s favorite.  Her wings were huge and gorgeous.


A fun boat that the kids could ride in.



Besieging the castle that had been overrun by pirates.


Aforementioned pirates.  After they had a turn in the boat, they got to go around and play the other role behind the castle.



Eating lunch.  The food there smelled so delicious that I really regretted being frugal and taking a packed lunch. 




This couple was my favorite.  They said that they had collected their costumes piece by piece at the different fairs they’ve been to.  I can’t imagine how much money they had invested in their outfits.  Isn’t that such a fun couple thing to do?  I told Averi to go and stand by them so I could take a picture.  Apparently standing didn’t interest her.


There was a guy who made us all willow wands.  It made my day.  And this picture is the only proof I have that I was at the fair.




Paul thought it was so cool that she could dance with a sword balanced on her head.  He later tried some fancy sword work of his own…



Jousting match.


Trying on chain mail.


Averi doing what she does best.  This girl LOVES to color.


Overall it was a fantastic day.  Hot but fantastic.  We’ll definitely be going next year!  Who’s coming with us?


Sunflower-6 said...

That looks like so much fun!!

Stef said...

That does look like so much fun! And you do have cute kids. I am diggin Paul's outfit.

JorgenMan said...

I'll go with you!

Ashley said...

Take me! Take me!

No seriously, I really want to go

Gayle said...

I definitely was born in the wrong era! I think every woman looks more beautiful in a velvet gown.