Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Thoughts

3 adults + 1 sleeping bag + 45 degree nighttime temperatures + 2 air mattresses with holes + 1 uncharged pump without the plug + 1 husband with a very large lung capacity = a typical Jorgensen camping trip

Averi has become the clean-up Nazi lately.  She was nearly hysterical when I didn’t put the Barbie horse in the correct location.

The more time that passes, the more I want a smart phone.  I just don’t want the huge phone bill to go with it.  Solutions, anyone?

I am not yet convinced if fresh Hatch chiles are worth it.  I’ve invested about 10 hours in mine so far this week (between purchasing, driving to 4 stores to get them roasted, and peeling my overcooked chiles), and I still have a gallon and a half to be chopped and frozen.

“Firefly” is the best TV series that no one has ever heard of.

5 pounds of Red Vines from Costco is not the good deal you might think it is. 

I am definitely looking forward to the Renaissance Fair in Santa Fe this weekend.  Do Nerf swords need to be peace-bonded?  And does that sentence make me a total nerd?

Paul was so excited for his first day at preschool last week I thought he was going to pee his pants.  I wish that weren’t such a common occurrence…

Over the last three weeks my standard have slipped considerably.  I walked Katie to the bus stop in my pajamas this morning.

I never realized that going to Disney World is an art.  I have been so inundated with advice that I’m feeling rather overwhelmed.  I thought you just showed up, waited in long lines, and swarmed around characters.  I knew nothing about pin trading, fast passes, parent passes, unofficial guides…  A lot has changed since I last went.

I’d be hard pressed to choose my favorite punctuation.  Parentheses are nice (I’ve always been a fan of the parenthetical statement).  The ellipsis is very good for suggesting a list, implying “and so forth,” trailing off in thought…  Of course, the semicolon is nice; it’s not only useful but unexpected.

I just finished one of my cushions for my wicker chairs.  You would think that I would learn that stripes are not for a novice sewer (sewist?) like myself.

Do script writers have an inside joke inserting the most random and unnecessary swear words in a movie?  It’s getting kind of ridiculous.

The internet is one of the greatest time wasters known to man.


Stef said...

I loved these random thoughts. Number one had me rolling on the floor. And just so you know, I picked up my kids from school in my pj's if that tells you anything about my standards. Hee hee. See ya Thursday!!
(ps the secret word below for me is groped. I thought that was funny.)

Larson log said...

Fan of random thoughts!

I say get the iphone it is worth the expense. And I felt the dame way about going to Disneyland-good luck. I have no advice, except to say, Have Fun and don't CRAM it all in.