Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Our ward puts on a great trunk or treat every year, and, boy, is that event well attended.  For those of you that don’t know, our Primary has over 200 children in it.  So Trunk or Treat = millions of kiddos.  Afterwards they have a “family dance,” and I don’t know if the kids like the easy candy (you walk about 100 yards and make a huge haul) or the dance more.

Last year I sewed costumes for every member of our family.  And they were adorable.  And when people ask if I am sewing costumes this year, I laugh in their face.  Not on your life!  I still haven’t recovered.  I think every two years—at a minimum—is all I can handle at this point.

So while we weren’t all matchy-matchy, we did all dress up.  We had a kitty:


A Jedi knight:






And a nerd:




I’m not sure how I feel about Aaron choosing my backpack as part of the nerd ensemble.  It’s a great backpack.  But it is huge.


The nerd face

I dressed up as an Indian woman, but I forgot to have anyone take a picture of me.  Just know that I was cute.

Dancing fun was had by all.  Katie in particular LOVES to dance.  Believe me, she gets groovy.  There’s a definite reason we enrolled her in ballet this year.


Dancing with a mouth full of Rice Krispy treat.  Always safe.




Then the Jedis found each other and decided to practice their light saber skills.  I fear that young Paul has much work to do.  I think he will be needing his own light saber to continue his training.  The costume was borrowed from our Star Wars-fanatic friend, and he definitely does not want to return it.




Katie with her friend Makenna.  Makenna was Pinkalicious, and she looked adorable.  And is it scary how well my five-year-old can pull off the heavy eyeliner?  That girl has some killer peepers.


The whole gang


Ashley said...

Katie's got her mom's looks all right. But seriously, all of your kids are adorable! I can't wait to see them in Orlando.

P.S. Aaron's costume=awesome! I only wish we could have seen your costume.

Stef said...

THey were cute. I was wondering what Makenna was supposed to be. Can you tell I have mostly boys. Ha.

Jen Kesler said...

The kids look so cute in their costumes!

Tim and Sara said...

Ahhh I wanted to go! It looks like lots of fun. Lily was sick with a cold and was in bed by 7, so no fun for us this year. This makes me excited for next year though!