Monday, April 25, 2011

Goals for May

I was just thinking about the things I’d like to get done in the month of May, and I figured I’d post them here so I wouldn’t forget! I thought that it would be helpful to break things up into categories so they wouldn’t be so overwhelming…


Sew this FRONTIER VEST by Dana from MADE for my nephew. Cute, no?

If I have time (and I probably won’t), I may try out these as well:

Woody’s spurs

Hobby Horse


Finish the patio. So our backyard will no longer look like this:


Or this:


This is THE project for the month. Actually, we’ve made a lot more progress than is shown. These photos are from April 2. We’ve got the whole area dug out and leveled, except for about a half hour’s worth of work. And there’s now a lot more stuff piled under the pergola.


Round two of crops. I do actually have some little seedlings now, so it’s time to plant some more.

Update the planter by the front door. I’m thinking about some impatiens. Any other shade plants that would be good?


Finish reading this:

I really haven’t read a lot of religious books, but this one was highly recommended. And it’s borrowed, so I can’t return it without having read it!

I also need to work through one chapter (setting my sights high, I know) of this book:

I have been really bad about taking photos lately, and I always want to take a million during the summer time. So it can’t hurt to know a little more about what I’m doing.

What about you? Any plans for May before the summer craziness begins?


Heather Wahlquist said...

The sewing projects are cute. Your nephew would look adorable in it! No plans really for the Wahlquist family except for getting ready to see you guys at the end of May!

Adam said...

I read Understanding Exposure. It was very good but made me feel like I need to read his other "Understanding" books. which I guess is what he's going for.