Thursday, April 28, 2011

My confession

I’m not a great housewife.  That’s not a confession.  That’s just sort of obvious.  Our house isn’t terrible.  In fact most of the time it’s pretty passable.  Sure, the kids’ bathroom may smell like a hamster cage on occasion (NOT my fault, but it should probably be cleaned a bit more often than it is), yes, I may not recall exactly when I dusted upstairs, and okay, that pile of dirt by the front door probably should have been dealt with ages ago.  But really it’s not too bad.  I have three kids.  We’re at home all day (usually).  I try to make healthy meals for my family, which takes a lot of time.  I homeschool.  I made a conscious decision that housework is important, but not the most important thing.  And most of the time our house reflects that.  Not perfect, but decent.

But there are some places where I fail miserably as a homemaker.  One is ironing.  Oh how I hate to iron.  I’m sure part of it is that I loathe my ironing board.  The cover is very itchy and slippery, which makes an unpleasant job even more unpleasant and difficult.  I should just get a new cover.  But for some reason I haven’t.  I’m sure it’s because ironing is extremely low on my priority list, so I never think about ironing covers at the store.  When my mom was here to visit last time, she spent hours ironing.  Every single thing in the ironing pile was ironed.  It was blissful.  She definitely doesn’t visit enough.

But even worse than the ironing is the mending.  I have a VERY large mending pile.  Some of those things have been in there for years.  YEARS.  I have size 2 boy pajamas in there (Paul is now a size 4, and has been for some time now).  By the time I finish mending Katie’s clothes, Averi will probably fit into them.  It’s very bad.

There are several reasons why I don’t mend:

1.  I never seem to have the right supplies.  Perhaps those overalls need a new hook.  Or that shirt needs a new button and I just don’t have the right one.  And how on earth do you fix those snaps that go on kids’ jeans?

2.  Thread.  Why is it that no matter how many spools of thread I own, I can never find quite the right color?  So it gets set aside for the next trip to the fabric store, where of course I forget to bring aforementioned item to hunt down the perfect thread match.

3.  I don’t think I’m very good at it.  I’m never quite sure how to end my stitching, so I’m pretty sure it’s just going to come undone anyway.  And I can never hide things as seamlessly as my mother can.  Another reason why she should visit more.

4.  It’s dull as sticks.

So today I have decided to tackle that pile.  I’m turning on The Office and sewing as many things as I can before I have to get showered before Aaron comes home (another glimpse into my less-than-Martha ways).  I’m sure I won’t see a huge decrease in the pile.  But I will feel good about ignoring it for at least another six months.

There you have it.  I’ve aired my dirty laundry.  What’s yours?


jsturner1 said...

My confession is quite similar to yours, I could care less how often the blinds are cleaned and whenever my Mother in Law is here she tackles my mending pile. And as far as ironing goes, if it needs to be ironed, it DOES NOT belong in my home. PERIOD! I only own the iron for sewing/ craft projects. OHHHHH I feel better now!

Tim and Sara said...

Let's just pause a moment and give you props because, YOU MEND. Hello! Besides, someone with as many talents as you cannot be expected to spend her spare time ironing. It just wouldn't be efficient.

Alisha said...

I found your blog when I was looking for a tutorial on how to 'clip to mask' with GIMP. Thanks for the tute. I find it confusing but that is not your fault, I just can't get the lingo down lol. Just wanted to chime in with an idea. What if you invest in a cute basket and put some supplies in it. Google what you would need in a mending basket and make an effort to go to the store and buy those things. If it is close enough, that will do. Don't put yourself down for using the wrong colour thread, give yourself a pat on the back that it is done instead! Kids wont notice, I am sure!. I would also put ironing cover on your errands list and choose the one that makes you the happiest (even if it costs more). Then every time you iron you'll smile :D

Gosh I just realised how much Flylady ( has rubbed off on me!

Anyways, keep up the great work!