Monday, May 16, 2011

Curls and cornbread

Two weeks ago Katie got her hair curled for church.  Averi saw this and decided she wanted pretty curled hair as well.  Of course, about 4 curlers in she wanted nothing else to do with it, but I’m a mean mom and made her stick it out.  Poor thing—we ran out of curlers, so I had to redo several so that she didn’t have a lop-sided head, but she was tough.  She’ll eventually learn that beauty is pain.


Love those pretty green eyes.


I forgot to take pictures the next morning, but it was cute.  Sunday afternoon she was the designated helper for dinner, and she helped me make cornbread and shuck the corn on the cob. 



And even a pretty curl in this picture!


The other side has some major bedhead from naps.  Oh well.  It was nice for church.


And this is why baking takes so much longer with little kids.  Do you really need to life the whisk 18 inches above the bowl?




Oooh, look!  There’s corn inside!


Teasing Mom that she’s going to eat it.  Except I think she really did take a bite out of it.


Stef said...

We should try the nake cooking at our house (wink). She is super cute. She is growing into a little girl, less of a baby anymore. Why must they do that?

Gayle said...

So cute! I can't believe you got her to sit through putting curlers in her hair. Tough cookie!