Sunday, July 3, 2011

Katie’s Ballet “Recital”

One of the reasons that I really like Katie’s ballet school is the fact that they only have recitals every other year, which translates into a fortune saved in costumes and tickets every other year.  Instead, they have the families come and watch a presentation a few times a year so that the kids get the practice of learning a dance without the stress, and so that the parents can see what is actually being learned and taught.  Katie LOVES to dance.  She’s constantly dancing and has infected her brother and sister too.  Paul has informed us that he wants to take ballet “so I can lift the girls up.”  When we asked Katie if she wanted to take soccer with Paul, she said, “No.  I just want to dance.”  She still had no interest even when we told her she could do both if she wanted to.  Oh well.  At least it’s not money wasted on something she doesn’t really care about.  Here are the pictures from her latest program, The Dress-Up Dance:


Sneaking up to the attic…


Finding the dress-up box…


Yay!  Scarves!



Oh no!  Someone’s coming!


Shhh…don’t tell!

And here they are showing some of the skills they’ve learned:


Check out that face.  Love it!


I really wish I didn’t get some weird glare from something.  Oh well.




We had such a good experience with ballet this year.  I hope Katie continues to enjoy dance as much as she does now, since I think she has a natural ability for it.  Next year should be fun: they begin to work at the barre (is that right? Internet is down, so I can’t proof myself) and it’s recital year.  I love watching my kids grow older and develop new talents.


Gayle said...

Beautiful! She really is the perfect ballerina.