Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flagstaff Trip

We were home for two weeks after we visited Utah.  During that time Katie participated in the Zoo Day Camp, which she absolutely loved.  What kid doesn’t enjoy going to the zoo every day and getting behind the scenes tours?  Definitely recommended for any Burquenos reading the blog.  Paul just missed the age cutoff (story of his life thus far), but he was able to participate in a pond day camp that one of my friends put on.  So after our two weeks of semi-recuperation, we headed off to Flagstaff to spend a week with Aaron’s family.

Apparently I was pretty bad at taking pictures on this trip as well, but I do have some highlights.

Slide Rock, my very favorite.  More fun when you’re not pregnant, but really, what isn’t.







Hiking in the lava tubes.  Averi and I opted out of this one.  I wasn’t really interested in being hunched over for two miles, and I knew it would be too tough for Averi.  Katie and Paul had a great time with the rest of the family, though.




Connie threw a very early birthday party for the three kids, since we wouldn’t be with the whole family before birthday season began.



Cutest Tinkerbell I’ve ever seen.  She also got a Jasmine and a Rapunzel dress.  If you know Averi, you know that those are the best presents EVER.


Some more knights and an awesome dragon to go with his collection.



Katie got the American Girl doll Kanani.  I’m living vicariously through her.  I wanted Samantha SO BAD.  But at least my kids can get one.  We’ve loved dressing her up and having tea parties.





We have our own Star Wars Kid (except ours is the right age).  He was performing moves all night.  He loves his light saber so much that it needs to be confiscated about every other day.


Averi brushing “Tangled’s” hair.  Does anyone else’s kids call characters by the name of the movie they’re in?  For the longest time, Woody was Toy Story, every Star Wars character is a Star War, Simba is Lion King, and Rapunzel is Tangled.  And by the time Averi got through with her beauty treatment, she certainly lived up to her name.


Matching girls and dolls.  Does it get more adorable? 

We visited Walnut Canyon and saw the cliff dwellings there.  It’s amazing how well preserved some of them are.



There was an arts festival on Saturday, so we went and did some browsing and shopping.  While there, we got to go into a little petting zoo that they had.  If you know me well, you would know that I was in seventh heaven because they had GOATS!  Is there anything cuter than a baby goat?  These goats were the sweetest things ever.  If we had the space, I would have taken one home with me in a heartbeart.  I loved them.  The kids did as well, especially Averi.


This was a big deal.  Katie is NOT an animal person.  She’s quite skittish.  But she did very well with all of them and even pet the pig.





This one loved Averi.  Many goat kisses were given.




One day I will have goats.  One day.

There were other things we didn’t get pictures of.  The boys and Abby all hiked the Grand Canyon while the rest of the girls and kids shopped in Sedona (not the original plan; this was the backup since our car keys somehow wound up halfway down the Grand Canyon when it was time for us to leave for Williams to take the train).  We managed to get the train mess sorted out and rescheduled, so the next day Connie, Kerry, Adam and Julie took the kids on the train to the Grand Canyon while we were at Walnut Canyon.  They had a great time, though the loud guns of the “train robbers” scared them.  We visited the Arboretum, took the kids swimming, and did some shopping in downtown Flagstaff.  Everyone had a great trip.  Thanks so much, Connie and Kerry!  We love you!


jsturner1 said...

The kids petting the pig cracks me up! Jeff's brother has goats and they have destroyed the roofs of their cars. Just FYI in case you really do get them someday.....