Monday, July 4, 2011

Paul’s last soccer game

I love doing stuff with my kids, but I am always relieved when something winds up and frees up some of our schedule.  Ballet ended, preschool ended, and I was quite happy.  Soccer was no exception.  It was a riot watching his games, and Paul loved to play, but I really am glad it’s time for a break…at least until t-ball begins in July.








Enjoying the traditional post-game sugar fest.  No wonder obesity is rising in America although organized sport participation is increasing!  Cupcakes, fruit snacks, Capri Suns, theater-sized boxes of candy, Kool-aid, fruit roll-ups, Gatorade…it was ridiculous.  We were the first ones to bring snacks, and we brought sliced oranges and pretzels.  I guess we’re completely lame, since NO ONE ever brought anything healthy after that point.  I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw half his team refuse our snacks completely (which was okay with my kids, since they devoured at least an entire orange apiece); obviously fruit is not as palatable when you’re used to being stuffed with sugar.  Poor kids.  Seriously, parents, stop trying to be cool and be a parent!  (Rant over.)

Paul really improved quite a bit during this soccer season.  He got to the point where he wasn’t looking at his feet to see how fast he was running, which really improved his speed.  And once during the last game his foot made contact with the ball!  Of course, he just stared at it as it rolled down the field, but even kicking it was a big improvement.  He loved being the goalie.  He actually understood what it was that he was supposed to do as goalie, and he was one of the better ones at it.  I’m sure he would have improved a lot more if we would have been able to practice with him in the backyard, but that is fairly impossible with things torn up like they are.  Next season…


Gayle said...

I love the goalie pictures. He's looking pretty intense in that net. Isn't the lineup at the end fun. I love it when the kids run through the tunnel and get high-fives. Fun times!