Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving and Bat Paul

We had Thanksgiving at our friends’ house this year.  It’s the first time since we’ve lived here that we haven’t hosted, so it was a surprisingly relaxing day.  We made two turkeys and had a little drama with our oven shutting off. This happens every year, and somehow we manage to forget every year.  (*Insert long story about why our oven is idiotic, doesn’t display the actual temperature inside, and shuts off randomly.)  Note to self for next Thanksgiving: buy an oven thermometer!  Despite that delay, the turkey was delicious and all the sides were amazing.  We brought scalloped potatoes with fennel, which are TO DIE FOR.  Seriously, I think they would be on my list if I had to request a last meal.  The cranberry cream pie is always a hit and specifically requested by Aaron.  One of the guests at the dinner made SIX pies (my favorite was the sweet potato!), so that brought the grand pie total to seven.  Always a good thing.

(Before our pie arrived.)


The scalloped potatoes from last year.  They looked the same this year, but I forgot to bake them in my pretty white dish.

Monique’s lovely table setting.


The adorable kids’ table.

Allen, Monique (taking the picture), me, Aaron, Buffy, Joe, Adam, baby Hyrum, and Laurie.

Thanks, Monique, for letting me steal these photos!  I didn’t take a single photo on Thanksgiving, even though I had sewn matching turkey shirts for all the kids.  That shot will be reenacted soon, hopefully before Bridget grows out of hers!

While we were there, Paul got ahold of a Batman costume and wore it the entire evening.  Carter was nice enough to let Paul have it since it was too small for him, and I think Paul has died and gone to heaven.





Ashley said...

Paul is such a studly Batman! One day he'll give Christian Bale a run for his money, I'm sure of it--and that's not just doting-Aunt talk.

You should definitely send me the recipe for those potatoes, yes? Please and thank you!