Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beautiful baby Bridget

Since Bridget did not get any pictures in her gown on her blessing day, we had to do it a few weeks later when I had the time. Fortunately she still fit into the blessing gown, which was a relief.








Bridget is six months old today. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. I am completely smitten. She has her mom (and the rest of her family, for that matter) wrapped around her little finger. Here’s a bit about her and what she’s doing:

*She is an awesome sleeper. She never fusses when she’s put down, and she generally gets about 12 hours of solid sleep a night. She will wake up every once in a while (usually around five), but she’s really easy to get back down.

*She’s slobbery. Really, really slobbery, and has been since she was little. She doesn’t spit up nearly as much as Averi did (I’m not sure if that’s possible), but she drools like crazy. No sign of teeth, though.

*She eats anything and everything in sight. Her favorites are my hair (gross!), necklaces, large buttons, and the large knuckle of your thumb.

*She sucks on her index finger instead of her thumb, and it’s incredibly adorable.

*She’s super happy as long as she’s held, and there’s usually someone available to hold her.

*She’s pretty tiny. I threw a dress on her as we were running out the door, and it wasn’t until we got to church that I realized it was HUGE.

*She likes to blow raspberries.

*She’s started to jabber in the past few weeks.

*She’s had some rice cereal, but not much, since I’m lazy. She’s a great nurser, and has only had a bottle once when I went to the temple in October.

*She’s not extremely generous with her laughs and smiles, but when she does share them it melts my heart.

*She got up on her hands and knees for the first time today. Hopefully this isn’t a precursor to crawling! Rolling is about as mobile as I want her right now.

*She loves Sophie the giraffe and her musical toy that hangs on her carseat. She’s also taken a liking to our cloth napkins, so we carry her “little napkin buddy” (as Paul calls it) around with us everywhere.

*She is very loved by everyone in her family, and I don’t know what we would do without her.