Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Lost Tooth

Katie lost her first tooth on January 16. She had been wiggling it all winter, and Grandpa J and her dad both offered to pull it out with pliers. Understand, Katie is a big fraidy cat. She’s a serious wimp, and I knew that pliers would be way too traumatic for her. She kept declining their offers, and then one day it was too much. She asked Aaron to pull out her tooth for her (ignoring my very vocal protests). We got out the video camera and prepared for a treasured family moment. Aaron began to pull, and at the first sight of blood she flipped out. She began bawling, acting as though Aaron had tried to kill her. So now instead of a cherished memory, Aaron has requested that the video be deleted so that no one else can witness him torturing his own children.

Even though the tooth wasn’t fully out, it was now very loose, thanks to the plier fiasco (I told them so!!). The next day as she was watching a movie Katie wiggled it out by herself. This time there were no tears and very little blood, just a very happy girl. I had great plans to make a cute tooth fairy pillow for her tooth, but I deliberately boxed up all my craft supplies so that I wouldn’t be tempted to begin a big project while we’re trying to show our house. So no cute pillow, but the tooth fairy came nonetheless.


Getting looser!


Two shiny half dollars!