Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spring-y Clothes

I’m feeling the need for a closet revamp. Part of it is that I need to lose a bit of weight I put on last year (stress will do that to you), so my clothes aren’t looking awesome on me. Another part is that many of my clothes have seen better days, and I could definitely use some new basics. I’ve got a little bit of money saved up, so I’m trying to decide what exactly I want to spend it on. Here are some things I’ve been thinking about.

Loft Boatneck Stripe

I think I’m definitely picking up this shirt from Loft. I love their shirts. They are incredibly soft and they don’t get pilly. This stripe should be a nice, versatile piece. Also, it’s 30% off right now, so the price isn’t shabby. (Update! Grabbed this yesterday!)

Mustard Cardigan 

Springtime is not necessarily warm in ABQ, since it’s so dang windy, so I’m thinking a bright cardigan would be nice. I’m liking this mustard one. (Update! I just grabbed one very similar to this at Loft while I was there yesterday. They were having an additional 60% off their clearance prices, and there were some gorgeous things on sale. Go now! Don’t wait!)

Green Shirt 

I’d like a bright green shirt. It adds a fun pop of color when layering. And emerald is the color of the year, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Floral Skirt

I also want a nice floral skirt. This one is nice, but a little spendy, even at 30% off. Maybe I could try my hand at making one? I never sew clothes for me, but I do know how to sew. Perhaps I’ll keep my eye out for some awesome fabric.

I need some new shoes. I’d like something in a nice neutral:

Crocs Wedge Sandal

and something a bit more fun:

Floral Flats

What I’m really going for is a few updates to my wardrobe that are remixable and up-to-date. Anyone have anything they’re lusting after for their spring closets?