Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bleeding Hearts, but Tight Fists

I found this article to be extremely interesting. I'd love to know what people thought about it. I especially enjoyed this phrase: "...It is one of the bitterest ironies of liberal politics today that political opinions are apparently taking the place of help for others." One of the core tenets of Republican philosophy is that assistance to the needy is to be provided through private organizations. It is encouraging to know that, at least in this area, Republicans are actually practicing what they preach.

On a related note, what are some of your favorite charities? We give to the United Way every year (100% of local donations go directly to programs; operating costs are covered by corporate sponsors), and I really am impressed by Heifer International. Also, how do you teach your children to give generously?


Scott and Cindy said...

Interesting article! I think I might be done with the whole Republican/Liberal thing-both parties politically are so hypocritical!! The Republicans never make any changes to "conservative" issues when they have power in office and the Liberals never keep their promises either...or give money to the poor :). So frustrating eh!?!? As far as how we try to teach our kids to give: each year we have them choose toys that they would like to donate to those in need - this year Landon almost cleaned out his whole closet! When he handed me one of his favorite toys, I asked why he would want to give that away and he said "because a boy with no toys would really love this!". I don't know if their excitement for this will last, but I hope it does! I'm sure we'll change our strategies as they get older and are able to give more and volunteer!