Monday, May 24, 2010

Spice Rack

I wanted to share our latest home improvement project.  We’ve lived in our house for four years, and I’ve wanted a spice rack for, oh, four years.  We went through configuration after configuration, but nothing worked with the way our kitchen is laid out.  And then we had an epiphany.  Our design is so ridiculously simple, I don’t know why it took us four years to come up with it.  We’re not quite pros at this woodworking thing, you see.  It’s just a 1x2xsomthing piece of the cheapest wood with moulding attached to the front and sides and then spray painted a high gloss white.  Easy.  Peasy.  Love it!

Here she is:




selway2005 said...

Looks awesome! I want one!

Karin said...

Awesome! Great idea!

Spice Rack said...

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