Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cougar Fans

Back story: My dad and ALL of his family went to the University of Utah.  And yet they’re BYU Football season ticket holders and passionate about their Cougars.  I haven’t quite figured out where this came from.  My dad says that it’s because he knows not to confuse his sports with his academics.  Of course, what was the ONLY school I was allowed to attend?  BYU.  Seriously.  I wasn’t even permitted to apply anywhere else.  Believe you me, I was not happy about it, either.  However, it was the only school he would allow his little girl to go to when he was going to be thousands of miles away in Australia.  And you know, he was right.  I loved it there. 

Aaron also attended to University of Utah.  He’s still a fan, though.  We’ve haven’t gotten to him…yet.  He’s falling behind in the marketing department, though.  Do my kids own any Ute apparel?  Do they know the fight song?  Have they watched a U of U game?  No, no, and no.  So when they grow up to be Cougar fans, he has no one to blame but himself.

When Kiera (my sister who is now 10) was little, I bought her a BYU cheerleader outfit.  Super cute.


(Kiera, Christmas 2003)

It was then passed on to Katie.


(Our mixed-blood family, September 2007)

Averi wore the dress as well, but very unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of her in it.  We’re waiting for Bridget to grow into it at the moment.

We were lucky to have my dad come and visit us in the beginning of October.  My dad loves to spoil his grandkids, so he brought down BYU shirts for each of them.  He even found a little one for our Bridget.  The weather was gorgeous outside, and so a photo shoot ensued.  Forgive the photo overload if you’re not a relative; my dad wanted to see the pictures I took.  And they’re dang cute.




Everybody loves Bridget.  What’s not to love?


Practicing his football grimace.



Mr GQ right here.  This pose was all Paul’s idea.  Heartbreaker.


Averi has her grandpa wrapped around her little finger.  She stole his heart when she told him, “Grandpa, I wish you could stay for a million!”  We wish he could stay for a million, too, Averi.


Ra ra ra ra ra…


Goooooo Cougars!




Do they come any cuter than this?



Katie burned her head at a friends house.  Apparently she was looking at a lamp through the top of the shade and then burned it on the bulb.  How do kids do these things?  Of course her face was tanned from the summer, so the spot won’t disappear for another year.



Paul is seriously the best big brother EVER.  He loves his baby.


Ashley said...

Paul is such a stud! And those it bad if I'm jealous of all of my nieces incredible good looks? Oh boy, just wait until they get into High School; you'll never see any of your kids on a Friday night again. ;)

JorgenMan said...

Hang on, when did the kids watch a BYU game?

Tim and Sara said...

Go Cougs! The picture of Paul, holding Bridget...I want to kiss them both. SO cute. All of your kids are, of course! Sorry if I was socially awkward at Costco the other day. I was seriously in a daze. I think I was there for 2 hours that day, including time spent feeding myself a hot dog and trying to get Lily to eat one unsuccessfully then nursing Josie in my car in the parking lot. I don't know why it all took so long...

Gayle said...

I just wan everyone to know that I have the best Grandkids in the world. The saying, "Grandchildren are God's compensation for getting old" is so true. I'm just so danged happy that they have a mother's influence on them to let them know that they need to be true Blue and better dead the Red. Thanks for posting the photos. It made my day.

Anonymous said...

Too much Cougar love on this one. Go Utes!

Rachael B said...

Cute pictures! And yeah, about that burn...let's just hope it is not going to scar. Sorry.