Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sad Boy and Happy Boy

I felt so bad! This evening, Paul was playing on the floor while Katie was eating dinner, Aaron was cleaning the kitchen, and I was eating a pudding cup (desserts are way less fun when you're dieting!). Suddenly, Paul just started to sob hysterically. It was close to bedtime, so I figured he had just had it. I held him, and that didn't console him, so I gave him a few bites of my pudding. He seemed to enjoy it, but he kept spitting it out, so I figured that wasn't what he wanted. After that, I decided to just give him a bottle and put him to bed, even though it was about 15 minutes early. However, instead of settling down in bed like usual, he kept screaming. I wasn't able to just sit there and listen to him, so I decided to rock him for a while before putting him down again. He still wouldn't settle down, and I noticed that he was drooling a ton. I forced open his mouth, and I found one of those prickly burrs (we always called them "stickers") inside of his mouth! He must have found one on the floor that fell off after our walk yesterday and, like any self-respecting 10-month-old, into the mouth it went. I was so glad that I didn't just let him cry it out!

Even though our baby was so sad this evening, he's usually very jolly. Today I put together a page using some pictures that were taken when Aaron's family were down to help us put in the yard. The journaling reads: "Paul, you are one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. You always have a grin ready for whoever will give you some of their attention. You loved it when the whole family came down to help us put in the backyard. You were the center of attention, and why shouldn't you have been? You're so darn cute!"

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