Thursday, August 9, 2007


One of the only things Aaron REALLY wanted to do while we were in Scotland was have some good seafood. He absolutely loves it, and he never gets it because I generally don't like it. I usually will try it (not the stuff they ordered this time--they still had eyes!), but I don't want it for a whole meal. So he gets to eat his mahi mahi steaks when I'm away from home, and that's about it. So we decided to stop by this seafood restaurant on the way home from Urquhart Castle (near Inverness, on Loch Ness). I agreed, thinking that usually seafood restaurants will have chicken or pasta or something for us non-fishy types. Not this place! The only thing they had was lamb stew. I usually don't care for lamb (unless my dad cooks it), so I was hesitant to order it. It was quite fatty, but I was too grossed out watching everyone and their carnage to really have much of an appetite. Heather, you would have died! Mom had to send her sea bass back because it still had a head and scales on it. Ewww!!! We did get some great pictures, especially of the huge platter Dad and Ashley split.

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