Friday, March 18, 2011

10 Things

1.  Paul and Katie managed to collaborate and sew Paul’s finger on my sewing machine.  Don’t ask my why; I’ve had my sewing machine out for years and they never touched it.  It appears that Katie worked the pedal while Paul obligingly held his finger under the needle.  Fortunately it didn’t go through the nail bed, which I’ve seen happen before.  But it did bleed a lot and it looks quite painful.  Kids…

2.  It’s a good thing we’re having another baby (can you believe I’m saying that after #1?) because Averi would be spoiled ROTTEN.  She’s adorable.  Seriously, this girl has me wrapped around her finger.  Even her temper tantrums are adorable.

3.  Again with me being a wonderful, observant mother: while we were on a field trip to the Natural History Museum for Paul’s preschool, Averi got lost.  I didn’t even know she was missing until the security guard approached our group wondering if there was a little girl with a pink jacket that should be with us.  Um, yes.  That would be my daughter.  Fortunately, she wasn’t even upset.  She was too busy charming all the security guards, who were taking turns holding her.  They even gave her a largish, pink stuffed unicorn to take home with her.  She’s definitely going to get lost again the next time we go if she has her way!  The nicest part was that they were so nice to me about it.  Sometimes people can get so self-righteous and condescending about things like losing your child and not even realizing it for who knows how long… (Maybe we do have too many kids.)

4.  Averi calls her new unicorn “hoonitorn.”  See, adorable.

5.  I sewed Katie a new summer dress this week and she looks so cute in it.  It’s so hard to find little girl clothes that actually look like they were made for little girls and not skanky teenagers.  I’ll get a picture up of it soon, but I’m planning on making a coordinating one for Averi if I can figure out how to adjust the measurements correctly.

6.  I’ve been sewing up a storm all of a sudden.  But it’s all been stuff for little girls.  There just aren’t as many cute things out there for boys Paul’s age.  Link me up if you have any fabulous ideas of things to make for him.  What he really wants is for me to make him a storm trooper costume.  Um, not going to happen.  Could he pick anything more difficult and…plastic?

7.  I’ve been desperate for chocolate cake lately.  Seriously.  Ask my husband.  I whine about it every night.  I should just make one, but then I feel compelled to eat the entire cake because it will go bad if I don’t.  And it needs to be a nice, gooey, frostingy cake (yes, frostingy is a word).

8.  Another bad mom moment: we didn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  At all.  I didn’t even tell them it was St. Patrick’s Day.  No leprechaun traps, no green eggs, no dye in the toilet, no rainbow crafts, nothing.  We worked and played in the yard and cleaned house all day on March 17.  At the very least I could have bought them Lucky Charms to eat for breakfast.

9.  There was a reason we cleaned house most of the day on Thursday.  If you ever need to be convinced that my life is anything but “together,” you should have seen the state of my kitchen on Thursday.  Oh my word.  It was disgusting.  And the rest of the house wasn’t that much better.  We may not have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, but the house smelled like a pub.  We had deep-fried chicken strips for dinner the night before (Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Tenders recipe: soooo delicious!) and that smell lingers for a LONG time.  Of course I had offered to host a craft night that evening, and desperate times call for desperate measures…like cleaning.  That’s the reason I host get-togethers.  It forces me to clean.  There are times when I’m glad we live away from family and my mother can’t just drop by.  I think she’d be devastated 90% of the time by the state of my house.  She’s the most amazing housekeeper ever.  And I’m just not.  I want to be.  I really do.  The mess drives me crazy.  But I don’t want it enough to actually do something about it most of the time.  I’d rather do something fun.  But I really do love it when it’s clean.  It just doesn’t happen very often.

10.  We find out if we’re having a girl or boy in less than three weeks!  So start your guessing now!  Aaron and I are both thinking girl.  Of course, that might be wishful thinking on both of our parts, since having a boy has come close to driving me insane.  I adore Paul, but I think he’s about 3 boys rolled into one.  So three girls should just about balance him out.  But if we had a boy, it would even up the teams nicely for the entire family, since Heather is having a girl in April.  Yay for cousins!!!!


Kristie said...

Have you seen the blog "made?" She actually just finished up a whole month of just boy stuff. It's super cute!

Here's the link:

selway2005 said...

We don't celebrate St-Patrick's Day either...we just don't get it. I remember the first time I heard about it, I was in college and I was all dressed up, ready to go to class, when my roommate came up to me and pinched my arm. She then explained to me that I should be wearing green. Needless to say, I never converted :)

PS I cannot believe you are going to have 4 kids! and that you are homeschooling as well! You are just trying to make the rest of us look bad, huh ;)

Heather Wahlquist said...

I think it will be a boy! Just because you need to have another boy for Brayden to play with when you guys come to visit. One is great, but two is better. At least he will be able to throw a boy on the floor, which is better than throwing his other female cousins on the ground.