Friday, March 4, 2011

And now for the girls…

I love having girls that play together.  And I firmly believe that dress-ups are probably the best “toy” investment that you will ever make. 


The Lioness


Bette Midler


What would happen if The Little Mermaid took place on the Malabar coast


She’s so stinkin’ adorable.  I just want to squeeze her!


Following posing advice from her sister.  Nice try, but no cigar.


No idea what’s going on here.  But it’s cute, whatever it is.


How can you resist smothering her with kisses?  I can’t.

A note on Paul for today…

The Bad News: The tantrums began early today.  At 1:30, to be precise.  And no one, not even Paul, knows what precipitated it. 

The Good News: It was diffused in 15 minutes instead of our standard 2-3 hours.  Of course, this was not without some bad behavior on my part, but once I counted to 20 (this is supposed to be Paul’s calming technique, but it worked much better for me than for him), we were able to get things settled by just cuddling together until he calmed down.

Please tell me I can make it through this stage.  And remind me why we decided to do this AGAIN…


Grandma Jorgensen said...

Hang in there, it's just a phase. Our kids all went through various stages and look at them all now! I absolutely love Paul and imagine it must be hard being between 2 princesses and having a mom who never had any brothers!