Friday, March 4, 2011

Dream Homes

I’ve decided that I’m in love with this floor plan. Not that you’d ever find an affordable lot in ABQ to build this on, and of course you would never have a sweeping lawn with huge mature trees here, but there’s always wishful thinking, right?

It’s not ridiculously big (5 bedrooms, 4 baths and 3437 square feet), but definitely as big as we would ever need. And I love the layout.

Main level

Upper level

It’s got what we really want: 5 bedrooms, a play room, master bedroom separated from kid bedrooms, a laundry room, three-car garage not facing the street, a fabulous deck, brick and way more. And of course it would be built on a incredible, large, woodsy lot with beautiful landscaping. And a pool. If we’re dreaming, we’re definitely going to be having a pool. And maid service. And grandparents close by. And oodles of cousins to fill up the playroom.

What’s in your dream house?


Heather Wahlquist said...

In my dream house right now, I want a separate study space for Danny, right now it is in my bedroom. I would LOVE to have a basement, where I can put the kid toys and it doesn't always have to be picked up. Also four or more bedrooms.

Jen Kesler said...

Love the floorplan. I dream of a huge and I mean HUGE mudroom for all shoes, coats, backpacks, etc. Oh, and a HUGE laundry room...and a gym. As in a basketball gym that my kids could play in year round. Maybe only half court size, but still...the possiblities are endless! Too cold to play outside? no problem, we'll turn on the heat! Too hot? No problem, we'll turn on the air! Could you imagine being able to have a space where they could run and play and yell and ride bikes and scooters year round? They start to get bored or hyper and you just send them to the gym. {Sigh}. Talk about dreaming.

Stef said...

My dream house would have a maid and a cook in it.
A really big back yard, a washer and dryer that work. A big bathtub. A linen closet that will actually fit all my linens. A place for a vaccuum. I like the mud room and and entry. And a really big game room/den.
I don't need much.