Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My girl Katie is wicked smaht

The three kids were taking a bath this evening, and Katie called us in to see the braid she had made.  Of course we’re thinking, “Let’s see the hair she’s twisted together…”  But then we looked.  And it was really a braid.  So we asked her to take it apart and show us how she did it.  And she executed a perfect braid.  Multiple times.  Here’s the scary thing: I’VE NEVER TAUGHT HER HOW TO BRAID.  Ever.  She learned how just by watching, and once she asked me how I did it, and I described it.  Guys, she’s FIVE YEARS OLD!!!  I have no idea how old I was when I learned how to braid, but I know for sure that it took A LOT of practice time with my mom.  And here she is, performing it with the perfect hand motions and everything with merely a single verbal description of how it’s done and some observation.  Aaron wonders if his braids are even that good. 

Does anyone else have kids that are scary smart?