Thursday, April 12, 2012

Progress on the house

We don’t have an internet connection yet in the new house, so I’m afraid blog posts will be sporadic at best. But here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

April 1:


Our sleeping arrangements. It’s even more chaotic now that all four kids are back in the house. Thank goodness for those built-ins. They’re now housing the clothing of six people.


Door being primed. When we took apart the bifold doors for all the closets, there were 37 doors to paint. Kill me now!


View into the girls’ rooms. More doors.


And more doors…and there were plenty more I didn’t take pictures of.


Baseboards installed in the hall.



This house has the worst drywall problems. The seams are visible everywhere, and “Jeff” didn’t know what he was doing on the seams he tried to patch. Here’s Aaron giving you a visual of how large the repair was that we had to do in the master bedroom. Wall color is Sherwin Williams Analytical Gray.


Painting trim and installing baseboard in the master bedroom.


Looking into the master bedroom from the loft. Upstairs is all painted!!


The view from our balcony. It’s even more incredible at night. I’ll have to get pictures sometime.


Looking down onto the backyard. You can see both ponds in this picture.


View of one of the side yards. I think that’s an abandoned doghouse…? Lovely grass, no?


You can see how we’re nestled right in the foothills.

April 12:


Drywall repaired and baseboards completed in master bedroom.


All coats of paint on trim finished. I love taking off the masking paper! It’s like Christmas.


My setup for spray painting the door hardware (with one light coat of paint on). We can’t afford to replace the hardware for 37 doors, but the brass can’t stay either. So it’s all being painted an oil-rubbed bronze. The finished product looks really good. Hopefully it will last a while. I’ve tried this before on my desk hardware, and they don’t have a single scratch on them, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


All doors painted and ready to be reassembled.


Paul’s room is totally painted except for the closet. Closets are going to have to wait until later. I LOVE how this color turned out. It changes according to the light, so sometimes it’s a dark gray and others it’s a steely blue. It’s Deep Silver (I think!) by Benjamin Moore.


We’ve tried out a couple of colors for Katie and Averi’s room. I decided on that very light pink. It’s Wild Aster by BM. The girls are thrilled that I caved in to their pink request. Their room is so light-filled that the pink is very unobtrusive.


Another view of the girls’ room.


Prepping to paint Bridget’s room. Starting with a blank slate is fun!


Looking into Paul’s room. Not even the bathrooms have doors on them at the moment. My privacy-loving husband is finding this to be difficult, but they’ll be up again soon enough.


Rachael B said...

Wow Chelsey! It looks beautiful! I love your views, the paint colors, EVERYTHING! Can't wait to see it when you are done... plus I am a pretty good handy girl, I'd love to help! When can I?

Rhino said...

The location looks amazing! I love your view.