Monday, April 9, 2012

Quick Seattle Recap

Aaron and I snuck in a quick 4-day trip to Seattle the week before we closed on our new house. I’m a believer in the weightlifting style of living—work really hard for a short amount of time and then completely rest. This is opposed to the marathon style of living—keep going until you’re beyond miserable, and then go some more. We figured that it would probably be a while before we got another chance at a break, so we leaped at the chance of taking a “just us” vacation when my mom offered to come and watch the kids on Kiera’s spring break. Of course, “just us” really meant “just us and Bridget,” but you take what you can get.

We stayed in Bellevue the first two nights and drove into downtown Seattle. We bought the Seattle City Passes and did a bunch of the touristy things. Aaron had never been to Washington before, so I was really excited for him to see everything.


The guitar tower at the EMP (Experience Music Project) museum. Aaron is very into music of all types, so I was the most excited for him to be able to visit this museum.



At the Avatar exhibit at the EMP.


Bridget being a goof at lunch. I seriously adore this baby.


We had THE BEST food while we were in Seattle. This was our favorite place. It’s a Cajun-style restaurant called Toulouse Petit. I had the most delicious gnocchi, and Aaron’s fried chicken gumbo was amazing. The prices were extremely reasonable as well.


At the Space Needle. Yes, it rained every day that we were there, but we didn’t mind. We knew that visiting Seattle in March wasn’t exactly a recipe for great weather.


Day 2: Seattle Aquarium. It was much bigger than it seemed. I kept wishing the kids were with us. They would have loved it. Our favorites were the river otters. So adorable!


Speaking of adorable…I just want to eat her up!




Flower stalls at Pike Place. I borrowed my friend’s Ergo carrier for this trip, and it made me want one. It was perfect. I would have gone out and purchased one if Bridget weren’t the last baby.


Aaron was in seafood heaven on this trip. He had some at nearly every meal.


On Tuesday night we drove to the Northwest peninsula and stayed in a little town called Sequim near Port Angeles. I seriously want to retire there. It was so incredibly gorgeous, but apparently the weather patterns work out so that it hardly rains there. Heaven! We spent the night at a bed and breakfast called Dungeness Barnhouse. It was an old dairy barn that had been converted into a house, and it was amazing. It was right on the ocean and had the most incredible views of the bay. There was a tree in the front yard that was an eagle roost. Real, live, bald eagles. Roosting in the tree. In her front yard. Amazing, right? We saw several while we were there. Berta was the most wonderful hostess and her breakfast was delicious. I felt as though I were staying with family. Definitely look her up if you’re in the area.


Looking out onto the bay.



Bald eagle. Unfortunately I didn’t have my zoom lens on, but trust me on this one.


Going for a hike on Dungeness Spit.



A massive tree that had washed ashore.


On Wednesday we drove around the Olympic mountains for a little bit (but had to turn around because we were nearly out of gas), took a “hike” on the Dungeness Spit, and the drove over to Port Townsend to see all the charming Victorian houses. We had an amazing trip and would return in a heartbeat. We have good friends that are moving to Seattle, and they should be expecting some visitors!


Stef said...

Oh. It is so beautiful there. I was there on my mission and just seeing the gray skies brought back memories. What a fun vacation.