Thursday, April 19, 2012

We have carpet!


Our kids have been real troopers through this whole process. Here’s a snapshot of the chaos we’ve been living in.


A reminder of what the dingy, stained, cat-pee carpet looked (looks, in some cases, unfortunately) like.




View of the loft. This is a pretty good representation of the color of the carpet.


Master bedroom


The stairs after. These stairs actually gave us a lot of trouble. They were carpeted on the first day (carpeting was a two-day process), and that evening we noticed a huge lump when you walked from the upstairs landing onto the first step. I had them take that carpet up the next day so we could check out what was going on. Turned out that the step was not even remotely level with the landing (there was a 3/8” difference). The tread was also bowed, so it exaggerated that unevenness even more. I spent ages (and many sanding pads) sanding down the step edge to be more even with the landing. The contractor also applied some floor patch to the stair to level things out. By the end of the day there was no noticeable difference. Thank goodness! It would have driven me crazy every time I walked on it.


Stairs going down.


Paul’s room. Notice the baseboards? We’ve got the bottom half done downstairs. Still need to do the top half, but we did manage to get the critical pieces installed in time for carpet installation, but not without some chaotic moments.


Another room’s been painted! Bridget’s room is Robin’s Nest by BM. The girls’ room and the playroom are still to do (and closets and bathrooms and the whole main floor…but that’s another phase).


The blue doesn’t look good next to the orange wood (what does?), but you’ll get a glimpse of what it will look like with white trim if you check out the baseboard. Aaron’s not convinced on this room, but I think it will look adorable once I get everything set up in here. And get that awful trim painted.



Paul loves it. Perfect for doing tricks on.

Honestly, we’re not 100% sold on the color. I was so paranoid of picking something that had a yellow undertone (so hard to work with) that I went a bit far in the other direction and got too much red. It’s great in some lights and not as fine in others. But I’m reserving judgment until we get our furnishings in. It’s a lot of carpet to take in without anything to break it up. So we’ll see. Lowe’s told us we have a 90-day return policy with no questions asked, so we’ll use it if we’re not crazy about the carpet. I do LOVE the feel of it, though. It’s so soft and plush underfoot.

Next step: moving! We’re in the process of packing up and will be moving out on Saturday. Wish us luck!