Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Brayden

Katie, Paul, and Averi got their first cousin at the end of September, which meant that Aaron and I also became an uncle and an aunt, respectively.  Averi just loves him (actually, she loves his toy lion) and wants to poke him in the eyes whenever she sees him.  I don’t think Katie and Paul quite get the concept of a cousin, but they’ll love it when they’re older. 

I got the chance to fly out to Utah in October to see Heather and Brayden.  It’s so easy to forget how tiny newborns are.  Even though he was quite large (almost 9 pounds when he was born), he was still itsy bitsy.




This is Averi pleased with making his little lion roar.  I know this is a post about Brayden, but Averi is too cute to ignore.

I couldn’t believe how much bigger he is now.  He has the most gorgeous dark eyes and super long eyelashes.  Of course, both his parents have amazingly dark eyes too, so that’s not much of a shocker.