Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I’m a surfer. I surf.

Aaron’s parents took us and all his siblings to Flowrider up in Ogden.  It’s essential a large fake wave that you can boogie board and surf on, and it’s extremely fun.  And quite painful at times.  I wound up with a massive purple and black bruise on my hip after one fall, but it’s so much fun that injuries don’t really bother you.  Until you get home.  We all thought we had improved quite a bit, until we saw the group after us have their turn.  We were humbled. 




Adam about to boogie board


Matt was probably one of the best in our group.  He actually managed to stay on for a while.






Jake, part I


Jake, part II



Sorry that I don’t have picture of everyone that went.  Lots of them turned out quite blurry since the light was quite low and people were moving all over the place.  But know that you were not forgotten.


JorgenMan said...

How do I have a farmer's tan in the middle of winter?

Scott and Cindy said...

So fun! There's a place called "Da Rush" in Hawaii that does the same thing (outdoors). My brother loves it! Ooh, and I also love smashbox cosmetics (their cream eyeliner is the best!). Can't wait to see you guys next week!