Friday, January 15, 2010

Highlights of 2009

This is a bit late, but I thought it was worth reflecting on some of the major events and achievements of last year:

  1. 1.  Averi is (finally!) walking and she’s loving her newfound independence.  She’s starting to babble and loves following her brother and sister around.
  2. 2.  Katie is learning how to read and loves attending Joy School.  She’s into all things princess and dress-up.
  3. 3.  Paul is potty-trained and can recognize most of his letters.  He’s a big time singer and loves performing.
  4. 4.  Aaron and I celebrated our fifth anniversary.  Here’s to another five that are just as good!
  5. 5.  Aaron and I played a few piano duets together for various church functions.  Even though we’ve been married for five years, we had never performed together.
  6. 6.  It was another busy travel year for us.  We made several trips to Salt Lake, camped in Moab, visited Flagstaff, and went on a cruise that stopped in Baltimore, Florida, and the Bahamas.
  7. 7.  Aaron is still the Webelos den leader and I’m in the Sr. Primary Presidency. 
  8. 8.  Our garden thrived and we loved eating fresh lettuce, spinach, basil, and tomatoes from our garden.
  9. 9.  I improved my sewing skills and made costumes and Christmas presents.  I LOVE my new Janome sewing machine.
  10. 10.  Aaron and I really enjoy cooking together and trying out new recipes.  We hosted Thanksgiving at home this year.  We had a few families over and had a fabulous meal.
  11. 11.  Aaron and I both really enjoy weight lifting, and I began running last spring.  I can run a 5K now and I’m considering entering a race this year.
  12. 12.  Aaron got a new car.  Now he can really impress me when he takes me out.
  13. 13.  We FINALLY have a couch for watching movies on! 
  14. 14.  The pergola is finally finished (except for one tiny piece that was cut wrong, but that will be finished soon).  Now we have a nice place to dine al fresco.
  15. 15.  Our kids have a cousin now that baby Brayden is born.
  16. 16.  We finally made it to the Balloon Fiesta!

Here’s to another happy and busy year!


Karin said...

Hey Chelsea!
Yes- we are in Poland! Chris' Masters program at Kingston University (England)requires him to spend two of the three semesters at other European Universities to diversify the program some. So, this semester is in Warsaw and Italy then we will be back in England for two months in the summer and the rest of the year at Uppsala University in Sweden. That is it in a nutshell, we always forget who we've talked to about this and who we haven't, but things stay pretty busy with all this moving around! We love checking out your blog and seeing the latest pics of your cute cute kids! Hopefully we'll see you all sometime next year when we come back to Utah for a short reprieve!