Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas is over…

It’s always so sad to come back after a vacation, but it’s very nice as well.  It’s relaxing to be in your own home with your own things and your own food and your own computer.  It’s not so relaxing to return to being Mom full-time.  When we’re at Grandma’s house, they’re much less interested in me and I have a dozen hands to help with bedtime, dinner, etc.  But we’re back and we’re not doing too shabby.  We were quite good at keeping the kids on a schedule while we were gone, so it hasn’t been as miserable as it usually is.  I have a million fun pictures to post, so I’m definitely going to have to break them up.

Before we left we had a mini Christmas at our house.  We were trying to avoid hauling a million toys back and forth and partially succeeded.  Note to self for next year: don’t worry about bringing ANY presents up to Utah for the kids.  Grandparents, aunts, and uncles will see that they have plenty to open.





Averi did this to every present.  She thought the boxes were much more fun to climb on than to open.


Assembling the Barbie cruise ship.  Note the topless Barbie.  Apparently this is a European cruise.


Yay!  A new widescreen monitor!!  Thanks, babe!


Aaron’s new portable video camera that shoots in 1080p.  Tres fun.



So there’s our little at home Christmas.  It was very nice since everyone only had a few presents to open so we were able to play with all the toys immediately.  I think that this may be the path we head down for future Christmases.